Thursday, October 30, 2008

My soapbox

With the election just under a week away, I have thought hard about who I want to see run my country. I might not agree with everything that one candidate says or does all time but we are human and being human means we make mistakes. I figure I have only two options when it comes to choosing the next President of the United States. I can choose Obama or McCain. I have watched the debates and as I have watched Obama I must confess that he is a great rhetorician. I did a term paper on great rhetoricians in college among them were Martin Luther King, Jr. and Adolf Hitler. I listened to their speeches and they were eloquent. They made you see the change they could bring or offer. It's no wonder why the people of Germany who in desperate times wanted some change as they were starving and their economy was at rock bottom. Martin Luther had a dream and it made the country perhaps look beyond the color of one's skin and take the necessary steps for the rights of blacks to come to the forefront. Yet, as I listen to Obama, my stomach lurches as I know a little bit of his background--I have tried to do my part to see what type of man he his. Yet, with all the hype about him and his charasmatic personality can't people see what lies beneath his words. He's a snake charmer. He lulls you away with his words and his smile but what happens when he is in control. What friends will he keep and what laws will he pass?

As a mother of 4, I have learned responsibility to those who can't take care of themselves, the little one who is sick and only wants to be held and loved, those that smile for the first time and those whose little fingers wrap around yours. There is nothing better than holding a newborn in your arms and feeling your heart grow and knowing that you brought this miracle into this world. Yet, how can Obama with daughters of his own support partial birth abortions when the baby at a viable age is extracted from the mother except for the head and then scissors are rammed through the skull and the babies brains are suctioned out. This is not humane. I have friends who would give anything to have a baby of their own but are not able to and yet this practice of killing little ones who could live on their own takes place and Obama supports it. Don't give me your hoopla saying that he voted "present"--he didn't take a stand and not taking a stand is just as bad. I worry about policies he'll make and how he'll treat others. I know how he talks but I need someone who does more than talk the talk.

I know that McCain has his share of problems and concerns, but at least he sticks his neck out and stands up for what he believes. I need someone who will do that. I know that our economy isn't the best but look at the world's economy because it's not doing, too, well either. I know that we will emerge from this time stronger but I want someone that has similar values leading me. Don't you?

---And now I'll get down---