Thursday, August 25, 2011

July fun



playing pink spies

homemade bandaids

free slurpees for 7-11's birthday

Rio Tinto/Kennecott/Bingham

I'm not sure of the exact name but we went to the copper mine during their free week and brought some friends. They had tour buses shuttling people up and down the roads and it was fun to get a ride up to the top. H loved all the big trucks and the huge tire that we saw. He just kept repeating, "cool!" We had a small lunch at the top and toured the visitor center and looked out through the binoculars. We didn't see the movie as the line was long due to it being free week. I told the kids we'd catch it the next time and go when the crowds weren't there (aka not free week).

H's big bike

H got a new to him bike which he loves to ride and would ride more often if one of the pedals didn't fall off (need to fix that problem). Ignore the helmet--he was borrowing T's as we couldn't find his.

First day of school

School has been under way since the end of July and the kids are anxious to have their first off track time in a week. In this first 6 weeks of school, E has memorized all 50 states, their capitals and postal abbreviations. T has finished one book report and is working diligently on her math facts. M is learning about the sounds that letters make and loves telling me all the new things she's learning or getting to do. H has started his school, too.

E (5th grade) and T (3rd grade) with M going to her kindergarten orientation meeting and H just wanting to be part of the group.

M on her first official day of school.

H on his first day of school. He was ready to ride the bus again although it is a new bus and driver. He's decided to sit on the other side of the bus this year.

You can barely see H's head through the window.

How does your garden grow?

It's not with cockleshells or pretty little maids all in a row but rather with trial and error and help from some little ones. M goes out every day and loves to find what is ready to pick. Her favorite things to find are tomatoes and she has also learned that her bike helmet can hold a lot of tomatoes. H loves carrying in the cucumbers and squashes.

Harry Potter

E and T both had the opportunity to see an early preview showing of Harry Potter 7.2 when it came out. They were invited by their friends next door and what is better than going to a premier but dressing up in your Hogwart's robes (E) or your Beauxbaton robes (T). The previous days were spent watching the previous Harry Potter movies complete with treats that they made (Elthelia's Anamalias--chocolate animals that we made in candy molds).

Hives, Bob and Philmore

It seems like all the kids had summer colds; however, E and T had the worst cases as they both developed into pneumonia or as E kept saying, "nomia" (pronounced no-mee-a). We got E on antibiotics and a strong cough medicine to help her sleep but one of them caused severe hives on her legs and arms for 3 days with the first day having dilated pupils.
E's hives

T must have felt left out because she complained about shortness of breath the next week and my cure all is to go lie down as we had just sat down for dinner. I ate a few bites and then checked on T who was on the couch. She said it was still really hard to breathe and as one who has asthma I know how awful it is to not be able to get in the air you need. I also knew that since she was still breathing (although difficult) that I should go right away and take her to the urgent care (where I assumed that they would possibly give us a nebulizer treatment to help open her airways and we'd be on our way. Now of course Steve is never home when it seems I have to take one of the kids to the ER or urgent care but he was about 30 minutes out and I knew that we wouldn't be too long at the urgent care so I called my neighbor across the street and told her what was going on and that I just wanted to let E know that someone would be home if they needed anything in the next 30 minutes or so. I took T and we headed to the urgent care which is only about 5 minutes away. We went right in and they monitored her oxygen levels which were 80% of normal which was too low so they put her on oxygen and then we took x-rays which confirmed the doctor's diagnosis of pneumonia. Because her O2 levels were too low and she was dehydrated (sunken dark eyes--yes I'm apparently a "great" mother who doesn't notice these things and just chalks them up to the child being tired) they had to call an ambulance where she was going to be taken to a nearby children's unit (which is a sub group of Primary Children's and a whole lot closer). They called the hospital and arranged for her to have a room and they said I could come in the ambulance but I had my van and since they wouldn't let me take her I followed behind. Then it was time to call Steve and tell him all the exciting news and that I wouldn't be home. We got to the hospital and T said she had a bumpy ride but she learned that one of the ambulance drivers liked chapstick just as much as she does. They hooked her up to all sorts of machines and we tried to settle in. Steve came by later that night with our home teacher to give T a blessing. We had a rough night that first night as her O2 levels continued to drop every time they tried to reduce the oxygen. She had to have an IV and we learned that she is one of the few people who when the IV is put in can immediately taste the saline solution in her mouth. Between the nurses coming in and checking on her when the alarms sounded and her fever making her miserable we were glad when morning came. We named her IV stand Bob as Bob had to go every where with us and to make it seem a little less scary. She was given breathing exercises but when he O2 levels still dropped to unsafe levels when she slept we had to stay another night. Our bishop stopped by and visited with Thea and gave her a bag of candies to eat when she felt better. Our home teachers when they learned that we weren't coming home that night and that Thea would miss the BBQ bought her a cute little pajama set to help her feel better. This is the same family whom T has made as her adopted Grandma when none of her grandparents could come for a program. She also received a balloon from Thaidra who was so concerned and probably delayed her studying to help with the kids and when T got home, her friends from next door stopped by and brought her another balloon and gift. That night after she was released from the hospital a nice family in the ward brought over dinner and small gifts for all the children. Steve made the comment that it was nice to be thought about when family isn't close and the husband responded that we did indeed have family close by--a ward family and I know that is true as we received so many well wishes and help from everyone and because every time something comes up from when our window well floods to sick kids we receive so much help. We are blessed and watched over and I am so grateful for this neighborhood and ward. On that Friday, T was released from the hospital and was sent home with Philmore--a portable oxygen condenser that we used for 5 nights to help T keep her O2 levels up while sleeping. We all seem to be doing better and are healthy at the moment and are appreciative of all thoughts and prayers.

T and Bob
T and Philmore

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two more big things

M learned how to ride her bike without training wheels

and H got a big bed.

Big things

Big things have happened around here:

Big holes that E and her friend Mari dug.
Big enough to fit all four kids.

Big machines to help us get the play area ready.
Which was a big help and really sped things along.
We also had a big end of off-track fun by going to the Dinosaur museum with our friends and neighbors:

A time to remember

We spent Memorial Day decorating and cleaning up the graves of our relatives. We've learned a lot over the years and the most important part is if everyone has a job we are all happy. We brought the edger, the blower and various other yard tools to clean around the headstones and make them look good. The blower was the most fun job and all had to take a turn with that even on the same headstones or surrounding ones. We went to a breakfast earlier in the day where they honored those who had or are serving in the military. I am grateful for their service and sacrifice.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Sharp Nail!"

And yes you should probably scream it even if it's in a whispered voice. A sharp nail is this:
With whatever finger the nail is on they point that finger in a way to get the hanging fingernail straight up. M and H created this game and love when they pull off a bit of fingernail and leave it hanging on creating a "Sharp Nail!" They always say it a loud voice right before they scratch you with it. They developed this form of entertainment in church and now it provides several minutes of giggling back and forth in all events as they use their sharp nail to try and scratch you. So watch out if you hear the words, "Sharp Nail!"


My kids know there is no Easter Bunny leaving treats. It's just good ol' Mom and Dad--it wasn't a big surprise to anyone. We carry out the eggs/treats and then we come in and tell them they can start to hunt. We do simple candies and treats and that's it and they are happy to get their small amounts of candy. However, the funny part comes in when T on Saturday said, "My teachers always ask us if the Easter Bunny came and visited us. I always tell them, 'No'." And you know what she probably does tell the teachers "no" because T is my realist. So really if you pretend the Easter Bunny comes and visits your child just don't let T know because she will tell you and your children that there is no bunny who delivers candy.

This year the kids all got hair brushes as part of their Easter treats because they have learned that they don't like the ones previously had and have all been using my brushes. They were thrilled to receive them. Steve didn't quite like the brush he had purchased for H so he told H that he would exchange the brush on Monday. H didn't like that idea and so kept asking Steve for a "ush." Finally, Steve decided it would be easier to just take H and go to the store. So that's what they did on Saturday morning and H came home with a new brush as happy as could be and now loves having his hair brushed with his blue brush.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My trip around the world

This might be the closest I ever come to a "trip around the world" and quite frankly it makes me happy to see it and maybe a real trip might bring more happiness but this one was a lot cheaper :). Now I just need to get it quilted, put on a binding and then my trip will be complete but for now I just like to look.
"Trip Around the World" pattern provided by Bonnie Hunter of

Monday, March 7, 2011

Princess Dance

The local elementary school had a daddy-daughter dance in January. The girls brought home an invitation to bring a knight with them to the dance. Dad was the chosen knight and since the dance was semi-formal everyone wore their best outfits. At the dance they had their pictures taken, danced and ate fun treats. Because we knew parking would be terrible, I played chauffeur.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We are thankful for our legs

H went in for his next x-ray to see how far the Perthes has come and we received good news and not so good news but isn't that how life goes--we get the good and the bad. The good news is that the bone is still deep in the socket and the lateral alignment is still there. H still has movement and motion (albeit limited) in his right hip which is another plus. The bad news is that he is a stage C which means that a good prognosis has now been "thrown out the window." This means that less than 50% of the top part of the bone is there and it is quite evident on this past x-ray as the bone has now decreased drastically on the outside portion. This can lead to the bone starting to slip out of the hip socket and cause the lateral alignment to not be straight.

What does all this mean? H still can't jump, no running, minimize stairs and any other activity that impacts the top of the femur bone. We are still having more good days than bad days though and that is great. We found out that waking up sore is normal (it's like a person with arthritis and how mornings are usually more painful as the joints are stiff from sleeping) and to pay attention to how he walks later on in the day. We have another appointment in two months but were told to come sooner if we notice a drastic change in his walk. If at the next appointment there is shown a slip in the alignment the doctor says he will put leg casts/braces on him for about a month to see if that will help. The worst case scenario would be having to go in for surgery to cut the bone and then with a pin they would angle the head of the bone back into the hip socket so that when the bone starts to regrow it will grow rounded. H is happy and continues to be his little ball of energy though it is hard to keep him restricted at times (because what super hero doesn't jump from the stairs or the couch or the bed, or chase after their sisters). We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers on H's behalf. Last month in Primary I taught about Heavenly Father's plan for each of us and I was touched with the numerous items I read telling that God hasn't left us alone and that he knows us and has our best interests at heart. As we were reading in 1 Nephi 17:3 this verse stuck out to me:
And thus we see that the commandments of God must be fulfilled. And if it so be that the children of men keep the commandments of God he doth nourish them, and strengthen them, and provide means whereby they can accomplish the thing which he has commanded them; wherefore, he did provide means for us while we did sojourn in the wilderness.
I know that I might not have been commanded directly but H was sent to us to raise and I know that this is part of God's plan for H and us so God will strengthen us and provide ways that we will be able to accomplish whatever comes. I know that H is watched over and that all will work out for the best.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The wheels on the bus

go round and round all through the town.

What could be better on your birthday than to be picked up on a big, yellow school bus for your first day of preschool?

He climbed up the tall stairs:

The bus driver buckled him in:

And away he went:

He returned about 3 hours later happy and excited to show M and I what was in his backpack.

M is going to miss H very much. He had only been gone 30 minutes and told me, "I miss H so much. Can we get him now?" But M and I will now do mini school for her to get her ready for Kindergarten and it will help her not miss H so much.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Win win

Just remember there is always a "win-win" situation.