Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Sharp Nail!"

And yes you should probably scream it even if it's in a whispered voice. A sharp nail is this:
With whatever finger the nail is on they point that finger in a way to get the hanging fingernail straight up. M and H created this game and love when they pull off a bit of fingernail and leave it hanging on creating a "Sharp Nail!" They always say it a loud voice right before they scratch you with it. They developed this form of entertainment in church and now it provides several minutes of giggling back and forth in all events as they use their sharp nail to try and scratch you. So watch out if you hear the words, "Sharp Nail!"


My kids know there is no Easter Bunny leaving treats. It's just good ol' Mom and Dad--it wasn't a big surprise to anyone. We carry out the eggs/treats and then we come in and tell them they can start to hunt. We do simple candies and treats and that's it and they are happy to get their small amounts of candy. However, the funny part comes in when T on Saturday said, "My teachers always ask us if the Easter Bunny came and visited us. I always tell them, 'No'." And you know what she probably does tell the teachers "no" because T is my realist. So really if you pretend the Easter Bunny comes and visits your child just don't let T know because she will tell you and your children that there is no bunny who delivers candy.

This year the kids all got hair brushes as part of their Easter treats because they have learned that they don't like the ones previously had and have all been using my brushes. They were thrilled to receive them. Steve didn't quite like the brush he had purchased for H so he told H that he would exchange the brush on Monday. H didn't like that idea and so kept asking Steve for a "ush." Finally, Steve decided it would be easier to just take H and go to the store. So that's what they did on Saturday morning and H came home with a new brush as happy as could be and now loves having his hair brushed with his blue brush.