Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Math terms

Tonight I had the following conversation with E as she is trying to write up two things that she has learned this week in math.

E: What is the word that means shapes are similar?
Me: Um.... (Now trying to google "what are similar shapes called in geometry..." and not finding much.)
E: It starts with 'con' then something, something, something 'e'
Me: (trying to rack my brain and then my light bulb moment). Congruent?
E: Yeah, congruent. Thanks.
Me: (now googling 'congruent' and finding that it is indeed the correct term). No problem E.

Wow. I'm glad I still know something and what would I do without google?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Introduction to classical music

T is working on a project for school where she must listen to classical music, choose a favorite song and then share it and what she likes about it with her class. Last night she was listening and we told her that she should keep notes about what she likes about the songs. Here are the notes:

Edvard Grieg's Opus 54-3. Nocturne--I like this one because it sounds like spring is coming and birds are waking up.

Mozart's Piano Concerto #21 in C major K 467-- This song makes me think about a ball. It's soft and smooth.

Edvard Grieg's Opus 23-12. Solveig's Song--It makes me think of opera

Vivaldi's Four Seasons Autumn (Allegro)--It makes me think of traveling and makes me think of horses. Makes me happy. Makes me want to dance.
(Adagio movement)--makes me think of sadness and rain falling from the sky, like tears.
(Allegro Hunting movement)-- I like Allegro dancing.

I'm not sure when I listen to songs if I think they remind me of such simple things but listening to them again with her descriptions I can imagine it and begin to see how she thinks. I can picture her dancing Mozart's Piano Concerto with a sparkly ball throwing and catching it in mid air and I can see galloping horses in Vivaldi's Autumn Allegro movement.

I am grateful that I get a chance to catch glimpses into how T's mind works. I find it very rewarding as we have been enjoying the music together--she dancing to it and I listening to the notes as they take on new meanings that T has introduced me to because she was not the only one learning new things.

Names to a four year old

Today as we were driving we saw M's old Primary teacher and I asked her if she was excited to get a new one. She replied that she was but said that she couldn't remember her name. I told M that her teacher's name was Sister Prison to which M exclaimed, "She went to prison!"