Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simple faith

T makes me humble. She has a profound sense of what she needs to do although sometimes her temper gets the better of her. She tells me everything that she learns in Primary and loves telling me that Jesus and Heavenly Father love her. She knows this. She has recently decided that on some decisions that she needs to pray about it because Heavenly Father will tell her what she should do because he knows what will make her happy. This is applied in various circumstances. We were out shopping for fabric and I told each of the girls that they could get a fat quarter of whatever they wanted. M chose a pink and white piece of fabric and she chose it fast and didn't waiver from her choice the entire time at the store. E debated over a few but when she saw the one she wanted she put the others away and was happy. T was in deep thought about which of the two she should get because I told her she could only get one. She then pronounced loud enough for the entire store to hear, "Heavenly Father knows what one will make me the happiest in the future so I will pray to him and he'll tell me." A minute later, T, once again very loudly declares, "Heavenly Father says to get the soft turtle fabric because he knows I like soft things and he knows what makes me happy." And with that we put the other fabric away and she got the material with the turtles.

She has been quite happy with the turtle fabric as each of the girls sewed their own pillows and love sleeping with them.

Sometimes I wonder if I simply don't ask my Heavenly Father for things because I feel that they are trifle matters. Yet, watching T, I realize that to her the fabric was a very big deal as she would be sleeping on it and when she on her own accord couldn't decide she turned to someone who knew her better then herself and knew what would make her happy. I am thankful for a daughter who shows me that Heavenly Father loves her enough to help her choose fabric--even the small trifle things matter because he loves us.

Wedding kisses

E was supposed to be brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed. When I went up to check on her progress I saw in the mirror E puckering her lips with eyes squinted shut and peeking at herself in the mirror. I asked what she was doing and this is E's reply, "I'm practing my wedding kisses." This is what happens to a little girl when she's spent the entire day seeing her newly married aunt kiss the groom.

Socks don't fail me now

The other day as I was cleaning the house, the girls asked to go outside. I agreed but told them they had to stay in the yard and I would be checking on them periodically. Everything sounds good in my head, it's only when things are put into place that I notice when things go wrong. M came back inside after a bit and I put on a movie for her so that she could watch and I could still get some much needed cleaning done. A few minutes later, M tells me that she is going back outside to ride her scooter. If anyone has seen M, you know that despite her small size, she rides her scooter as fast and as fearless as she possibly can. She zips in and out of everything as she shifts her weight to steer. She doesn't like the foot brake and prefers to stop with her feet. I thought nothing of her going back outside as she is quite capable of putting her helmet and shoes on. Just a few minutes later, M comes upstairs to my room telling me that her feet hurt. She sits on the ground and shows me her feet. This is what I see and I know instantly what she has done but I would like her to tell me.

Me: What happened?
M: (with big blue eyes looking up at me) I don't know.
Me: Did you ride your scooter?
M: Yes.
Me: Did you have your shoes on?
M: No (smiles really big) I don't know where dey at.
Me: Did you go really fast on your scooter?
M: Yes!
Me: Did you use your foot to stop?
M: Yes.
Me: Do you think you should put shoes on next time?
M: Yes.

At least the socks slowed her down without getting her foot scraped and rubbed raw. However, shoes still provide the greatest amount of friction for slowing a fast moving girl on a scooter and last quite a bit longer.