Friday, November 9, 2007

Clean plates, messy table

We are trying to teach the girls to take over their plates or bowls after dinner. After dinner last night, E took her plate over to the sink. I thanked her and then M deciding that she was through eating her blueberry pancakes, decided to remove the last 4 pieces of pancake from her plate and put them on the table. She then climbed down from her chair and dropped her plate in the sink. She knows that we try to eat everything on our plate before taking them over to the sink and when she can't finish eating whatever, she dumps it on the table. She is very proud of herself for accomplishing this task and it always makes me smile to see her run over to the sink with her plate and see the food piled on the table where she was sitting.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Little Words

I am amazed at how little words like "thank you" and "please" can change how my day appears and can change my mood and therefore my reactions. After a long day today of running here and there and everywhere with the kids, I was quite ready to put everyone to bed and have a little quiet time when all of the sudden after cutting some pumpkin bread for a bedtime treat there came to my ears the words, "Thank you." I smiled and realized how happy I was to give my girls something they really wanted and appreciated and bedtime didn't have to seem so imminent. Then came the words, "Please can I have some, too?" I was no longer in a tired, frazzled mood. The bedtime hour was pleasant as they ate their bread, we read a book, and then they hurried off to brush their teeth and go to sleep.


Today was voting day and I cast my votes. It didn't take long and I feel good about the decisions I have made. It disgusts me to no end when others don't vote as our society has been founded by men and women who often died to preserve our liberties, freedoms, and our abilities to have our voices heard. There are always excuses but with mail in ballots, early voting periods, etc., there is no excuse to not vote. Your opinions matter especially at the city and county levels. I take my children with me every time voting comes along so that they can see how much it matters to me and how important it is. Today we left for school earlier than normal so that I could vote and the girls could get stickers. At my voting place where there are 3 precincts voting together, I was number 86. It took me less than five minutes to cast my votes for the various issues and people running.

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing" (Edmund Burke).