Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is it still nice?

We took the kids to the school the other night to play on the playground. While we were there another little girl showed up and she started following M around. M doesn't like to be followed or copied and so she was getting really frustrated. M went down the slide and then started climbing back up the slide but who should be at the top but that same little girl so M tries to go up the adjacent slide but the little girl moves over to that one. Whenever M tries to climb up one side the girl follows and by now M is really upset. I went over to M and told her that if she asked the girl to move that perhaps she would. So M says, "Will you please move, dupid (stupid)?!" I'm not sure if it is nice if you call the person stupid even if you say please. I couldn't help but laugh as we have tried to tell M to not call people stupid but it was just too funny when she said it looking up at the girl that had followed her around.

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DeAnn said...

I think it's perfectly OK to say please and dupid. Love it!