Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Math terms

Tonight I had the following conversation with E as she is trying to write up two things that she has learned this week in math.

E: What is the word that means shapes are similar?
Me: Um.... (Now trying to google "what are similar shapes called in geometry..." and not finding much.)
E: It starts with 'con' then something, something, something 'e'
Me: (trying to rack my brain and then my light bulb moment). Congruent?
E: Yeah, congruent. Thanks.
Me: (now googling 'congruent' and finding that it is indeed the correct term). No problem E.

Wow. I'm glad I still know something and what would I do without google?

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Carl said...

I think that is the real reason behind the invention of the i-Phone (or any phone with internet ability). You can always google yourself an answer and preserve the "all knowing" parent I just need to get one before Connor starts asking those questions!