Thursday, August 5, 2010

The end of an era

I've walked the girls to school since E was in kindergarten. I've pushed strollers, pulled wagons, weathered the snow, the wind and rain; yet, now I find myself in the morning not walking the familiar route to school. Last year I took a big step in allowing E and T to walk home together since there are so many children that walk the same way and now this year E and T are riding their bikes with Mari, Isaac, and Luke. So now instead of rushing M and H to get in the wagon or stroller, I find myself waving to E and T as they ride off with their friends. They are growing up and I feel sort of not needed; however, M misses our morning rides so I will still pull the trusty red wagon as M and H and I take a walk around the neighborhood. It just won't be to drop off the girls at school. Our good-byes are now said on the driveway and not at school. I now wait patiently for 3:45 to roll around so that I can see them again and give them a big hug. I now pray that they make it safely to school and back. The neighbors were right in saying they grow up too fast.


Deedra said...

I love your new blog background. Very nice and bright. Time does fly by too quickly. Hmm..i wonder if this means that the space alien game is no longer. Maybe I need to brush up on some greek mythology.

Tressa said...

I don't think they'll ever be too old for the alien game especially with one so willing to be their captive... and if you threw in some greek mythology wow, you would be super aunt indeed.