Sunday, December 22, 2013


Sledding at dusk is a magical time.  The park starts to empty as little ones go home for dinner and weary little legs trudge through the deep snow pulling their sleds behind them.  Big sisters or brothers often end up pulling the little ones back to their homes or cars wherever they may be.  Sunlight starts to fade and across the valley you see the city lights twinkle in the cold night air.  Snow sparkles and you can see your breath. Thoughts of a warm home and welcoming porch lights fill your head as you race down the hill.  Giggles and squeals of laughter can be heard all around as the sledding runs are fast after a full day of children on them. And the world starts to take on softer hues.  Yes, I believe that sledding at dusk is magical.

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Jennifer said...

I hopped over here from Nora's blog. I remember you and your family so fondly. Best wishes to you!
Jennifer Hatch