Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh my...

If people link to your blog then perhaps you need to update it--but what to say? How about something funny?

M likes to take off her diaper and run around commando. It has become a constant struggle to keep her diaper or pull-ups on. Once you do get them on, off they come in about five 5 minutes. The other day I had just put her diaper back on for quiet time/movie time. I went into the office to work on a talk I have to give but then decided that I should really unload the dishwasher first. (There is nothing quite like procrastination.) I went upstairs and passed what I thought was a diaper but would M really take it off already? She looked so comfortable laying on the floor with her purple blanket covering her. I decided to ask. "M do you have your diaper on?" To which M lifted up her purple blanket and laughingly says, "No!"

There you have it. When M goes commando she'll tell you when she has to use the toilet. Yet, if you put underwear or anything else on her she feels free to just go whenever.

Long live Commando M!

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