Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A lug is a box or basket for vegetables or fruit, with a capacity of 28 to 40 pounds. --Wikipedia

So this is my lug of cherries. In this small container was about 30 pounds of pitted cherries with sugar already added.

This is what a lug of cherries will produce--10 quarts of cherries ready for pies, cobblers, or anything else desiring delicious cherries.


The Family said...

Tressa, this is Rachelle. I was excited to get a comment from you. It's funny because just the other day I came across Carl's blog because of other peoples blogs. I wondered how all you guys were doing. I am kind of a blog "peeping tom". I find so many old friends and aquaintances through other peoples blogs. It's kind of fun. By the way, cute kids!

Steve Spigarelli said...

Nice pics. You just using your big old camera to take these?