Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All mine--even the little blue man

Last week we went to one of the local home improvement centers to pick up various items. I had all four kids with me and all 4 kids were not too happy to be there after about 30 minutes and I still had a few more things to look at and purchase. We made our way to the front of the store and a lady telling about the home center's carpet cleaning services asked me if the kids would like a little sack of fruit snacks to eat while we shopped. Of course they would like it and thank goodness for carpet cleaning services who had a big pail of fruit snacks for kids available. What a great diversion. While each of the girls were choosing a fruit snack package, the lady looks at all of them, at me, at them, at H in the cart and then at me again and asks, "Are they all yours?" My reply, "Yes of course they are." Did she really think I would take four children who aren't mine to a home improvement store? I even claimed the little man who was sporting blue hands and feet as mine and who wouldn't when he looks up from his discolored hands and smiles?

And how do you think H got blue hands and feet? I'll tell you and it's really quite simple to figure out. It was me. I needed his hand and footprints to document how small they are at this age in life but my regular black ink pad was all out of ink so I simply did them in blue. However the blue didn't come off and so for the next few days he had blue hands and feet.

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