Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lucky fish

Lucky is one lucky fish. He has now been alive over two years and despite our inability to properly take care of him, he is still swimming. On Sunday, M decided to feed Lucky herself and instead of giving him a few flakes dumped the remaining half bottle of fish food into the tank. What a lucky fish to get so much food. M was so excited to help and it was hard not to laugh when you saw the bottom of the tank covered in food. We thought nothing more about it until Monday when I woke up and went downstairs. Lucky's tank was a puce green color and Lucky was floating upside down. I didn't want to handle a dying fish and 3 crying girls who lost their fish. I called Steve and asked him if he had noticed the fish tank. Nope. Why can't I be oblivious to things like that? Lucky was still breathing so I hurried and filled up a pitcher of water and put in one of the water tablets. After it was dissolved, I scooped Lucky out of his old tank and put him in the fresh water. He was still upside down and I told the girls that perhaps they needed to tell Lucky goodbye and perhaps they could say a little prayer so that Lucky wouldn't suffer long. I felt downright terrible seeing Lucky breathing and swimming upside down and thinking we should have cleaned out his tank the night before. I cleaned his tank out and put fresh water, and filter in it and then placed Lucky back in before we went to swim lessons. We had to run some errands afterwards and I was prepared to come back to a dead fish, but when we arrived home, the girls and I were overjoyed to see Lucky swimming right side up again. Lucky is one lucky fish and now all the fish food is kept where M can't reach; although she is delighted to see him every day and give him a few flakes of food.

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