Friday, July 10, 2009

Man tools

H is fascinated by tools--all tools and especially ones that anyone is using and most importantly if Steve is using them. The other day we were trying to fix the vacuum and got a screwdriver. A minute later, H leaves the vacuum and then comes out of the laundry room with his own screwdriver he'd found so that he can help. I didn't know H knew where I kept my set of tools but apparently he has been watching.

When we were setting up the girls' beds and H's crib, H was right there with Steve putting in all the hex screws with the hex wrenches. He figured that each hole needed something in it and set about putting a screw in each hole. Steve would do one side and H and I would do the other. H and I finished first on the last bed so H decided to crawl under the bed with Steve to help him. He just wanted to put the screws in :). He knew what needed to be done.

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