Thursday, February 18, 2010


Last night at T's parent teacher conference her teacher was telling me that T is doing quite well in math and that her mind is working beyond her grade level. They have been working on fractions and her teacher gave them a problem: There were 7 brownies and 4 friends so how many brownies would each friend get? T's teacher said that everyone started cutting their "brownies" in half because they knew that they all had to have the same amount. T however just sat there. T's teacher, Mrs. T, came over and asked T what she thought she should do and T responded that they each got seven-fourths. Mrs. T was surprised at this answer because T hadn't cut anything or done anything yet so she had T show her what she meant so T cuts all the brownies in fourths and separates them into 4 piles showing seven-fourths. Mrs. T was amazed that she knew the answer so quickly and understood the concept so well. T is always amazing me with her ability to conceptualize facts.

E is also doing quite well in class and her teacher loves her enthusiasm and is so proud of E for how well she is doing in math since E skipped an entire grade level in math and has had to work hard to catch up and keep up with the rest of the class who were all in the ALPS program last year. Her teacher says that her enthusiasm is contagious and that periodically she has to remind E to bring the level down--just like what we have to do at home.

Both of them have improved in their reading levels and are doing a great job in school. It was a good night and I'm so proud of them.

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Carl said...

Heh, I would have said, "None. I get seven and they get none."