Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A bike ride

The kids are off-track for the next little bit and for playgroup it was decided to go on a bike-ride to a small park. As the big kids will attest the park wasn't the fun part as it was small and geared towards smaller kids; however, they enjoyed the bike ride to the park. We set off at 10:30 am to meet up with another family going. We were soon on our way when suddenly T's chain fell off. I noticed that it was looking a little loose but was hoping it would hold. Luckily we weren't too far from home so T managed to ride/coast home and I hurriedly called my friend up ahead and told her what had happened and that if she wanted to we would just catch up. Now on Saturday I had repaired flats on E, T and my trailer. T's required me to remove the chain and back tire but apparently I didn't pull the wheel tight enough so the chain fell off. I tried tightening it better and thought we did a pretty good job. I took the tools with me this time and we were off. Yet, just around the corner the chain fell off again. I knew T really wanted to ride her bike to the park but I also knew I lacked the man power/strength to physically pull the wheel further back. Then I noticed that the neighbors were out. I new the neighbor girl used to have an old bike and so we asked her if T could use it on our bike ride. Now I also know that these two neighbor kids might also like to go and since we are now using one of their bikes I only thought it appropriate to ask their mother if it was indeed alright for T to use the bike and also if they'd like to come with me. They are eager to go and so now the 6 of us start off again (I think M and H in the trailer were excited to get moving instead of sitting around). So for 2.7 miles we move upwards. The highlight of the trip was crossing Bangerter Highway on the pedestrian walkway so that they could see all the cars below them. We finally made it to the park and enjoyed the lunch that I was also carrying in the trailer. It was a grand time and the bike ride home was very enjoyable as it was now all 2.7 miles downhill. We only had a few falls during the trip and everyone was alright. All in all a very successful bike ride. The girls want to know when we can now take Dad with us--let's see how painful my legs feel tomorrow... But I do know that before they start school again we will be taking a bike ride over to see the buffalo and elk.

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