Friday, September 24, 2010

One tough little girl

Last night, M kept getting up and coming into our room saying, "My ear hurts." About 11:30 or so I gave her some children's Motrin in hopes that it would help her sleep because by that time the only option would have been to take her to the ER and I wasn't willing to pay. This morning I asked her how her ear was and she replies that it still sort of hurts. I decide that we need to go the doctor as she probably has an ear infection and I new that we have family pictures tonight. We get to the doctor and he's looking in her ears. He says it's the right one and when M agreed he said that it was indeed infected and looked like it was getting ready to burst. I told him that all night and all morning she had simple stated, "My ear hurts." She never cried and she never acted like it was painful. It just hurt. The doctor laughed and said that he was amazed that she didn't complain more. M is one tough little cookie.

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Regina Lara said...

I love M! She is so freaking cute! can't wait to see your pictures and I hope her ear gets better quick!