Friday, November 12, 2010

Project Gratitude: Day 10

We are thankful for our friends.
Make them a treat.

We each chose a new friend in the neighborhood and gave them some cookies and a giant honey crisp apple.

Friends are great--they like you even when they get to know you. We have been truly blessed with wonderful friends. I was thinking about the friends I had growing up and how much they mean to me and how often they helped me or didn't mind my crazy antics. I know I wasn't the coolest or most popular person but they didn't care and somehow seemed to like me despite the flaws. I appreciate my close college roommates who kept inviting me to live with them despite my lack of social skills. Then after Steve and I got married an older couple befriended and watched out for us--they watched little E so that we could go on dates and then a few years later they watched little T for us so that we could take E to speech classes. Then we were blessed with wonderful neighbors and friends when we bought our first home. They welcomed us and made us feel like we belonged. Then when we moved again we thought that we'd never have close friends in our new neighborhood but we do and it is nice to be able to still do things with our other friends, too. Not having family close by to watch the kids for Doctor appointments or other things, it has always been nice to have friends to call and know that they would help you anytime, anywhere. They come over to help give blessings, sleep on your couch when you have to go to the hospital to have a baby, share their vegetables or flowers, help you paint, make you laugh, sit outside during the summer evenings and talk till the sun goes down. They bring you things and you bring them things and you simply do it because that's what friends do. Thank you friends--for everything.

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